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  • The MSE Equity Price Index lost 0.25% to a one-week low of 4,291.741 points, mostly driven by the notable declines in the share prices of FIMBank, RS2 and IHI. On the other hand, six equities performed positively whilst a further four shares closed the day unchanged. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • The RF MGS Index moved lower for the third consecutive day as it tumbled by 0.21% to a four-day low of 1,115.774 points, partly reflecting the recent surge in the price of oil which, in turn, has a notable bearing on inflationary expectations.
  • FIMBank plc shed 4.7% to the USD0.505 level after partially recovering from a fresh 2018 low of USD0.50. A total of 68,508 shares changed hands. Yesterday, the bank announced the result of the intermediaries’ offer in relation to the recent rights issue. Furthermore, the trade finance specialist noted that United Gulf Holding Company B.S.C. will be subscribing for 10.5 million lapsed rights. Following the conclusion of the rights issue process, the issued share capital of FIMBank increased by 190,909,091 new shares which is equivalent to a capital injection of USD105 million.
  •  Bank of Valletta plc retreated by 0.6% from its two-week high of €1.76 back to the €1.75 level albeit on just 1,400 shares. Tomorrow, the bank will be holding its Annual General Meeting (“AGM”).
  • Also among the large companies by market capitalisation, RS2 Software plc (33,594 shares) and International Hotel Investments plc (20,000 shares) each lost 3.1% to the €1.24 and €0.625 levels respectively. Shareholders of RS2 as at close of trading on 16 May will be entitled to a net dividend of €0.0146 per share.
  • In the property segment, MIDI plc tumbled by almost 14% to the €0.31 albeit on trivial volumes. Shareholders of MIDI as at close of trading on 24 May will be entitled to a final net dividend of €0.007 per share.
  • In contrast, Malta Properties Company plc (57,000 shares) and Tigne’ Mall plc (17,245 shares) advanced by 0.9% and 1.1% to €0.456 and €0.96 respectively. Shareholders of Tigne’ Mall as at close of trading on 21 June will be entitled to a final net dividend of €0.0128 per share.
  • Malta International Airport plc added 1.2% to close at the €4.92 level across 1,000 shares. On Monday, MIA published the April traffic results showing an 11.4% increase in passenger movements to nearly 600,000 passenger movements.
  • Mapfre Middlesea plc surged by 7.4% to the €2.04 level across 2,500 shares whilst a single deal of 12,000 shares lifted the equity of MaltaPost plc 1.1% higher to the €1.80 level. The postal operator is due to reveal its interim financial performance on Wednesday 16 May.
  • PG plc rebounded by 2.3% from its 2018 low of €1.28 to regain the €1.31 level on a total of 54,000 shares.
  • Meanwhile, GO, HSBC, Medserv and Plaza all traded unchanged today. GO plc maintained the €3.48 level across 2,500 shares. The company is due to hold its AGM on 14 May.
  • HSBC Bank Malta plc held on to the €1.70 level on trivial volumes whilst seven deals totalling 48,600 shares left the equity of Medserv plc at its 2018 low of €1.05. The AGM of Medserv is scheduled for 28 May.
  • Plaza Centres plc retained the €1.04 level across 12,000 shares. The company will hold its AGM on 30 May.

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