• The MSE Share Index trended in positive territory for the sixth consecutive session with a further 0.1% increase to 3,336.856 points mainly to the increases in the share prices of MIA, Plaza and BOV. On the other hand, GO eased minimally lower whilst HSBC and RS2 ended the session unchanged. Download a copy of the Equity Market Summary. Over the week, the local equity benchmark edged 0.3% higher mainly reflecting the positive weekly performances of MIA and GO on the back of continued support for the respective equities.
  • On the bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index regained its upward trend with a marginal increase to 1,020.132 points reflecting this morning’s dip in Eurozone yields back to below the 1.3% level on renewed concerns relating to the possible contagion from the Cyprus bailout to the rest of the eurozone. From initial indications, Cyprus will need to raise a further €6 billion as the bailout has risen to €23 billion. Amongst the options to cover this shortfall, Cyprus can sell part of its gold reserves and enforce higher levies on bank depositors and creditors.
  • Further demand for the equity of MIA emerged during this morning’s trading session lifting the share price to a new all-time high of €1.94 before easing marginally lower to close at the €1.939 level (+1.5% over the previous closing price). A total of 24,160 shares changed hands today across five deals with the equity still carrying the entitlement to the final gross dividend of €0.0615 per share. The equity turns ex-dividend as from next Wednesday 17 April.
  • The share price of BOV also hit an intra-day high of €2.27 on a fresh wave of bids before easing back to the €2.251 level which is just above yesterday’s closing price. Over 90,800 shares changed hands today with the increased volumes possibly as a result of the publication of the half-year results due on Thursday 25 April.
  • Plaza Centres also ended in positive territory today with a 7.3% jump to regain the €0.59 level on low volumes of 4,000 shares. The equity is still trading with the entitlement to the final gross dividend of €0.0375 per share and will turn ex-dividend as from Monday 29 April.
  • Meanwhile, GO’s equity ended in negative territory for the first time since turning ex-dividend last week. This morning GO’s share price slumped to an intra-day low of €1.52 before recovering most of this initial decline to end this morning’s session 0.3% lower at the €1.58 level. Activity increased to 66,300 shares today.
  • No change was registered in the share price of HSBC as it managed to hold on to the €2.74 level after recovering from an intra-day low of €2.708 across 6,841 shares.
  • Similarly, RS2 Software traded unchanged at its all-time high of €1.00 across 5,867 shares ahead of the publication of the 2012 financial results expected by the end of this month.

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