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  • The MSE Share Index edged 0.3% higher today to 4,211.923 points as the declines in BOV, GO and Mapfre were outweighed by increases in the share prices of HSBC, IHI, Medserv, Lombard and RS2. Meanwhile, no changes in the equity of MIA and 6pm. Download a copy of today’s Equity Market Summary.
  • On the bond market, the RF MGS Index trended higher for the first time in five sessions with a 0.2% increase to 1,122.883 points as the benchmark 10-year German Bund yield receded back to the 0.7% level. The 10-year yields of peripheral countries, such as Spain and Italy, also retreated. 
  • Yesterday afternoon, Medserv plc published its half-year results covering the six months ended 30 June 2015 during which it registered a record pre-tax profit figure of €4.5 million reflecting the heightened activity levels at the Malta base, the services provided to ENI from the Group’s Cypriot base as well as the successes of the maintenance unit which has just been awarded another contract. The Directors explained that although the results for the first half of 2015 substantially exceeded expectations, the results for the second half of the year, whilst remaining profitable, are not expected to exceed budgets. The reaction in the market this morning was positive as the equity jumped by 5.5% to yet another all-time high of €2.50 across 42,864 shares.
  • The equity of RS2 Software plc recaptured its all-time high of €2.30 across twelve trades totalling 55,496 shares.
  • International Hotel Investments plc also performed positively with the share price edging 1.2% higher to recapture the €0.785 level on volumes of just over 46,000 shares. The IHI Group this morning revealed its 2015 interim financials showing a 14.9% increase in EBITDA to €14.25 million and a marginal loss of €0.89 million as the improvements in the performances of the hotels in Malta, Prague, Budapest, Lisbon and London were partially offset by the weakness in the properties in Russia and Libya given the challenges in the respective countries.
  • The share price of HSBC Bank Malta plc advanced by 2.9% to €1.80 on just 2,509 shares. The Bank is scheduled to pay the recently declared interim gross dividend of €0.051 per share (net: €0.0332) on 10 September.
  • Similarly, the share price of Lombard Bank Malta plc inched 0.7% higher to regain the €2.115 level on just over 5,000 shares.
  • On the other hand, the share price of Bank of Valletta plc eased 0.4% lower back to the €2.25 level across fourteen deals totalling 38,871 shares.
  • GO plc’s equity also trended lower with a 1.9% drop back to the €3.48 level on a single trade of 8,000 shares.
  • Today’s worst performer was Mapfre Middlesea plc with a 3.5% drop back to the €2.15 level across five trades totalling 25,326 shares.
  • Meanwhile, Malta International Airport plc held on to the €3.89 level on a small trade of 2,530 shares. The airport operator is scheduled to pay its recently declared interim gross dividend of €0.0462 per share (net: €0.03) on 4 September.
  • 6pm Holdings plc maintained the GBP0.71 level on an insignificant deal of 413 shares.

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