Barclays acquires 10% stake in RS2 Software plc

Shortly after the close of today’s trading session, RS2 Software plc announced that Barclays Bank plc has completed the acquisition of a 10% stake in the Company from ITM (Information Technology Management) Holding Ltd – the largest shareholder in RS2. As a result, Barclays no longer have the option to cancel the GBP8.5 million licence agreement. In a separate announcement, the Company revealed that the shareholding of Mr Mario Schembri, which currently occupies the post of Chairman, has fallen below the 5% threshold to 4.13%. On the secondary market, prior to the release of these announcements, the share price of RS2 eased 0.5% lower to the €1.99 level on a small deal of 1,000 shares.

Four other equities ended this morning’s session in negative territory including Bank of Valletta plc with a 0.2% decline to the €2.47 level on volumes of 20,855 shares. Similarly, GO plc’s share price retreated by 0.3% to €1.495 on just 500 shares. A single deal was also executed in International Hotel Investments plc at the €0.84 level representing a 2.2% decline from the previous close.

The only other negative performing equity was Middlesea Insurance plc with a 5.9% drop back to the €0.80 level on a mere 200 shares.

On the other hand, a number of equities closed in positive territory comprising HSBC Bank Malta plc with its share price edging 0.4% higher to €2.63 on volumes of 14,330 shares. In the IT sector, Crimsonwing plc’s equity advanced by a further 1.9% to yet another all-time high of €0.79 across three deals totalling 40,000 shares.

Lower volumes were transacted in Malta International Airport plc with the equity rising by 1.5% to regain the €2.00 level for the first time since mid-August. Only 7,150 MIA shares changed hands today. Recently, the airport operator revealed yet another record month in terms of traffic numbers with a 10.8% increase in passenger movements during the month of September. During the first nine months of 2013, MIA reported a 9% increase in passenger movements to a record 3,157,730 passenger movements mainly reflecting the increased seat capacity.

Similarly, a trade of 5,000 MIDI plc shares was transacted at the €0.25 level representing a 4.2% increase over the previous close.

Meanwhile, no changes were recorded in the share prices of the other three active equities. Plaza Centres plc held on to the €0.56 level on a single trade of 86,563 shares. Similarly, Malita Investments plc maintained the €0.52 level on a single deal of 3,000 shares and MaltaPost plc maintained the €1.05 level on insignificant volumes of only 110 shares.

On the bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index slipped 0.1% lower to 1,018.666 points as Eurozone yields surged towards the 1.85% level on increased hopes that the US will manage to reach an agreement on its budget and debt ceiling.