BOV and GO in opposite directions

The only two active equities during this morning’s session were Bank of Valletta plc and GO plc which traded in opposite directions.  BOV’s share price jumped 1.9% higher to regain the €2.15 level across four trades totalling 2,771 shares. BOV’s share price is at its highest level in the last 3 months.

Meanwhile, GO’s equity slipped a further 2% lower to close at the €1.00 level for the first time since 13 July. Over 37,600 shares changed hands today as investors await the publication of the half-year results due by the end of this month.

Various other companies will also be publishing their interim financial statements by the end of August. However, only Lombard Bank Malta plc and FIMBank plc have so far disclosed the date of publication.

On the bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index eased by 0.1% to 994.943 points as Eurozone yields moved closer to 1.50% as investors’ risk appetite increased in view of the European Central Bank’s (ECB) pledge to support bond markets of ailing countries in the region if they formally request a bailout. However, by this afternoon eurozone yields dropped back towards 1.42% as Germany’s Angela Merkel stated that it will not back more financial aid for Greece. Moreover, the strong demand for Germany’s bond auction further highlighted the markets’ request for more details on the planned ECB support.