High volumes in BOV at the €2.25 level

Trading volumes in Bank of Valletta plc again surpassed the 50,000 level with the share price holding on to the €2.25 level. Eleven trades took place with volumes amounting to 58,768 shares and offers of a further 47,000 shares remaining unsatisfied at the closing price. The Bank’s equity has been trading within the range of €2.25 to €2.30 for several weeks. Last month marked the end of the Bank’s half-year and the interim financial statements will be published by the end of April.

Another four equities ended today’s trading session unchanged. Middlesea Insurance plc maintained the €0.90 level on volumes of 4,918 shares whilst Simonds Farsons Cisk plc recovered from an intra-day low of €2.50 to close unchanged at the €2.55 level across four trades totalling 12,689 shares. The financial statements of Farsons for the year ended 31 January 2013 will be published on 24 April.

Similarly, Malta International Airport plc and RS2 Software plc maintained their all-time highs of €1.90 and €1.00 respectively on low volumes with lack of further offers at these levels.

Meanwhile, GO plc was again the sole positive performer with a further 0.3% increase to the €1.585 level on a single deal of 7,400 shares. On the other hand, Malita Investments plc eased minimally lower to €0.509 across 5,000 shares. The Company is expected to hold its maiden Annual General Meeting (AGM) this afternoon.

On the bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index slipped another 0.1% lower to below the 1,020 points level for the first time this week as Eurozone yields continued to recover towards the 1.3% level. The extended recovery is being attributed to various new debt issues across the Eurozone which satisfied investors’ demand.