HSBC & GO push MSE Share Index lower

The MSE Share Index retreated by 0.1% to 3,702.154 points mainly due to the declines in the share prices of HSBC Bank Malta plc and GO plc.

HSBC’s equity slipped minimally lower to €2.545 across nine deals totalling 20,308 shares. Likewise, the share price of GO shed 0.65% back to the €1.86 level across three trades totalling 2,420 shares.

Lombard Bank Malta plc trended 2.1% lower back to the €1.86 level on low volumes of 62 shares.

On the other hand, the equity of International Hotel Investments plc inched minimally higher to close at the €0.92 level on increased activity of 160,124 shares.

Meanwhile, Bank of Valletta plc ended this morning’s session unchanged at the €2.497 level on almost 10,000 shares. Similarly, amongst the large cap equities, Malta International Airport plc held on to its all-time high of €2.20 across 7,460 shares.

MIDI plc held on to the €0.282 level on volumes of 9,200 shares.

The only other active equity was Middlesea Insurance plc with 6,000 shares changing hands at the €1.00 level.

On the bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index slid 0.1% lower to 1,026.764 points as Eurozone yields approached the 1.7% level. However, by this afternoon the benchmark 10-year German Bund yield slipped back to the 1.67% after strong demand was registered for a new 10-year Bund auction.