Marginal improvements in GO and TML

The equity of GO plc extended its recent positive run with a further 0.2% increase to yet another 6-year high of €2.575 albeit on shallow volumes of 1,760 shares. Similarly, the share price of Tigné Mall plc advanced by 1.9% to €0.525 also on low volumes of 1,000 shares.

Meanwhile, higher volumes were transacted in Medserv plc as just over 34,000 shares traded at the €1.275 level representing no change from the previous closing price.

Also, the share prices of the two large banks closed the day unchanged. Bank of Valletta plc maintained the €2.20 level on 9,795 shares and HSBC Bank Malta plc traded unchanged at the €2.00 level on just 1,000 shares. Investors now await the results of the Asset Quality Review conducted by the European Central Bank (ECB). These should be published by the end of October.

Likewise, 4,333 MIDI plc shares were exchanged at the equity’s 2014 low of €0.23 across a single trade.

On the bond market, the Rizzo Farrugia MGS Index edged 0.1% higher to yet another all-time high of 1,085.929 points as Eurozone yields slid back to the 0.985% level on hopes of further stimulus measures by the European Central Bank (ECB) in a further bid to prop up the region’s ailing economy.

The Ministry of Finance yesterday announced that the Investment Registration Scheme is being extended by two months to 30 November 2014. The purpose of the Investment Registration Scheme 2014 is to provide individuals and companies resident in Malta with the opportunity to regularise their position under the Income Tax Act in respect of their holdings of eligible assets which were derived from income (including capital gains) that had not been duly declared to the tax authorities.