International Hotel Investments plc - New Bond Issue

Monday, November 19th, 2012

On 19 November, International Hotel Investments plc announced a new €20 million bond. The new bonds will carry a coupon of 5.8% and will mature in 2021 (9 years). Full details of the Bond Issue are included in the Prospectus dated 16 November 2012 which will be available online shortly.

The announcement also revealed that IHI will be granting preference to holders of its two maturing bonds, namely the 6.3% IHI 2013 and the 6.8% IHI 2013, which will be redeemed on 15 February 2013. Existing bondholders can subscribe for new bonds by surrendering their existing holding. In this respect, the Company announces that bondholders as at close of trading on 16 November will be eligible for this preference. Moreover, trading in the maturing bonds will be temporarily suspended as from Monday 19 November.


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