PTL Holdings plc - Allocation Policy

Monday, December 1st, 2014

On 1 December 2014, PTL Holdings plc announced the allocation policy of its €36,000,000(nom) 5.1% unsecured bonds 2024.

The €2 million reserved for subscription by the Hili Ventures Group applicants were all taken up and entertained in full, with the exception of an applicant who was partially satisfied and a balance of €46,200 was transferred into the general public pot.

The Company also announced that for the €5 million tranche that was reserved for holders of Premier Capital bonds, it received 1,530 applications for a total of €14,184,000. Each applicant was allocated €1,500 plus 23.418% of the balance rounded down to the nearest 100.

For the pre-placement portion of €19 million (for applications of €25,000 or more), PTL received applications for a value of €49,560,300. These applicants received an allotment of 38.3371% of the amount applied for.

Meanwhile, for the €10 million available for the general public (applications of €2,000 or more), the Company received 2,395 applications for a total value of €33,992,200. Apart from this, there were the unsatisfied amount of the reserved portions and any applicants in the pre-placement that opted to carry forward any unallocated amounts to the general pot. All such applicants received an allotment of €1,000 plus 15.282% of any balance rounded up to the nearest 100.

Interest on the bonds will start accruing as from 5 December 2014, and the bonds are expected to be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on 10 December, with trading envisaged to commence the day after, i.e. on 11 December.

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