GO plc - Change in Forthnet’s Shareholding

Wednesday, June 11th, 2014

On 10 June, GO plc replicated an announcement of Forthnet S.A., a Greek telecomms operator in which GO has an indirect investment, revealing an agreement between two of its larger shareholders. The announcement explained that Vodafone-Panafon S.A. (Vodafone Greece) has been granted an option to acquire 14,584,853 shares of Forthnet (equivalent to 13.25% of Forthnet’s issued share capital) currently held by WIND Helas Telecommunications S.A. The option is exercisable one year after from 4 June 2014, being the date of the agreement.

If exercised, the shareholding of Vodafone Greece in Forthnet, coupled with the indirect participation of Vodafone Group plc and its subsidiaries, will increase to 19.75% from 6.51%. Meanwhile, the shareholding of WIND Helas Telecommunications S.A in Forthnet will decrease to 19.75%. Forgendo, the joint venture between Emirates International Telecommunications and GO plc, is the largest shareholder in Forthnet with an equity stake of 44.96%.

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