Santumas Shareholdings plc - Change in Listing Status

Tuesday, September 2nd, 2014

On 2 September, Santumas Shareholdings plc announced that following a Board of Directors meeting held on 1 September, an application was submitted to delist the shares of the Company from the Malta Stock Exchange under its current statusĀ as a Collective Investment Scheme and simultaneously apply to the Listing Authority to list its shares as a property holding company in terms of Chapter 7 of the Listing Rules.

In this respect, the Company shall convene an Annual General Meeting on 24 September 2014, notice and details of which shall be dispatched to all shareholders of the Company on 3 September. During the AGM, shareholders will also be asked to approve a bonus share issue for all shareholders as at the close of trading on 3 SeptemberĀ 2014.

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