FIMBank plc - Result of Intermediaries Offer

Friday, July 18th, 2014

On 17 July 2014, FIMBank plc announced the result of the Intermediaries Offer, where bids for a total of 257,354 Lapsed Rights were received by the Bank, at the offer price of US$0.65 per lapsed right. Additionally, Tunis International Bank (a fellow subsidiary within the KIPCO group) will subscribe to 7,692,307 shares under its Underwriting commitment as detailed in the Prospectus dated 3 June 2014.

Last week the existing shareholders subscribed for  66,111,225 shares equivalent to US$42.9 million.

Overall, a total of 74,060,886 shares were subscribed to, equivalent to US$48.1 million, representing a 37.5% increase in the bank’s share capital. A further 2,948,608 shares were not taken up. FIMBank’s issued share capital now amounts to 271,396,591 shares of a nominal value of USD0.50 per share.

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