International Hotel Investments plc - New Bond Issue

Friday, April 10th, 2015

On 10 April, International Hotel Investments plc announced that they have received regulatory approval to issue a new €45 million bond issue redeemable in 2025 (10 years). The new unsecured bonds will be issued at par with a coupon of 5.75%.

Furthermore, IHI also announced that the Board of Directors has resolved to redeem the outstanding €35 million 6.25% unsecured bonds (Maturing Bonds) at the first early redemption date of 11 July 2015 in accordance with the terms of the prospectus dated 12 June 2009.

IHI will be granting preference to holders of the maturing bonds, as at 8 April 2015, to subscribe to the new bonds by surrendering their existing holding. As such, trading in the maturing bonds shall be suspended as from next Monday 13 April 2015.

Full details of the new bond issue are included in the Prospectus dated 10 April 2015 which will be available on our website as from next Tuesday 14 April.

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