GlobalCapital plc - Results of Rights Issue

Monday, April 4th, 2016

On 1 April, GlobalCapital plc announced the results of the Rights Issue.

The Company revealed that a total of 1,618,396 Rights, offered at the nominal price of €0.291172 per share, were taken up. The remaining 15,174,056 Rights that were not taken up (i.e. the Lapsed Rights) were subsequently all taken up by Eligible Shareholders at prices ranging between a high of €0.35 and a low of €0.2915 per share for a total value of €4,424,257.81. Thus, the Intermediaries Offer contemplated in the Prospectus will not take place.

The premium over the Share Offer Price of €0.291172 collected by the Company will be distributed to the Lapsed Rights Holders in accordance with the Prospectus.

It is expected that all of the new shares will be admitted to listing on 11 April 2016, with trading expected to commence on 12 April.

Following the Rights Issue, the Company’s issued share capital increased by 127% to 30,000,000 shares.

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