Our investment advisory service is tailored for those investors who seek advice in respect of their investment requirements but wish to retain full control of the decision making process. We aim to provide professional and personal investment advice based on our extensive market knowledge, experience and access to research.

For a 10-year period between 1996 and 2006, RFC acted as sub-investment advisers to Insight Investment Management Ltd (previously Rothschild Asset Management Ltd) in respect of Malta’s first and largest fund management company, Valletta Fund Management Ltd, a member of the Bank of Valletta Group. The advisory function related to local investments for the sub-funds under the La Valette Funds SICAV, Vilhena Funds SICAV and Wignacourt Funds SICAV umbrella of funds.

The valuable experience gained since 1996 through the advisory process for the various collective investment schemes has provided RFC with the knowledge and experience placing it at the forefront in the industry. Our investment advisory service is primarily targeted at high-net worth individuals and institutional investors.

Our Services

Our Services

Rizzo, Farrugia & Co. (Stockbrokers) Ltd. provides stockbroking services, investment management and advice to private clients and institutions.

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