Corporate Bonds as at 17/12/2014

Amount (000) 2014 Security Name Symbol Redemption Date View Fact Sheet Interest Payment Date Last Traded Price Yield to maturity
High Low
Official list
9,000101.00100.005.35% IZOLA BANK PLC SECURED NOTES 30.06.2015 IB15A 30/06/2015View Fact SheetJune101.003.34
19,650103.0090.507.5% MED. INV. HOLDING PLC 04.08.2015 MI15A 04/08/2015View Fact SheetAugust95.0015.85
14,309104.00100.006.25% MEDITERRANEAN BANK PLC 30.10.2015 MB15A 30/10/2015View Fact SheetOctober102.003.82
14,826100.0080.005.60% GLOBALCAPITAL PLC 2014/16 GC16A 02/06/2016View Fact SheetJune100.005.57
58,234104.50102.754.6% HSBC BANK MALTA PLC 01.02.2017 HB17A 01/02/2017View Fact SheetFebruary/August104.132.56
28,519103.9588.707.15% MED. INV. HOLDING PLC 2015/17 (EUR) MI17A 23/07/2017View Fact SheetJuly90.0011.81
4,351103.9595.007.15% MED. INV. HOLDING PLC 2015/17 (GBP) MI17B 23/07/2017View Fact SheetJuly95.009.38
7,120104.0598.007.15% MED. INV. HOLDING PLC 2015/17 (USD) MI17C 23/07/2017View Fact SheetJuly100.007.12
55,400106.25104.994.8% BANK OF VALLETTA PLC 27.08.2018 BV18A 27/08/2018View Fact SheetFebruary/August105.523.18
30,000109.45108.005.9% HSBC BANK MALTA PLC 07.10.2018 HB18A 07/10/2018View Fact SheetApril/October109.253.27
31,703106.11103.007% MIDI PLC 2016/18 (EUR) MD18A 15/12/2018View Fact SheetDecember105.505.43
7,214106.01105.507% MIDI PLC 2016/18 (GBP) MD18B 15/12/2018View Fact SheetDecember105.505.43
40,000104.30102.504.25% BANK OF VALLETTA PLC 17.05.2019 BV19B 17/05/2019View Fact SheetMay/November104.263.19
50,000108.75103.005.35% BANK OF VALLETTA PLC 15.06.2019 BV19A 15/06/2019View Fact SheetJune/December106.743.68
14,000104.04102.006.50% IHG HOLDINGS PLC 2017/19 IG19A 30/06/2019View Fact SheetJune104.045.46
35,000103.72100.006.25% INT. HOTEL INVESTMENTS PLC 2015/19 IH19A 10/07/2019View Fact SheetJuly100.506.11
39,928104.25101.986.25% CORINTHIA FINANCE PLC 2016/19 CF19A 23/09/2019View Fact SheetSeptember103.005.51
30,000107.00105.506.2% MIZZI ORG. FINANCE PLC 2016/19 MO19A 30/11/2019View Fact SheetMay/November106.054.80
18,829106.99102.007.5% MEDITERRANEAN BANK PLC 14.12.2019 (EUR) MB19A 14/12/2019View Fact SheetDecember106.995.84
3,044102.50102.507.5% MEDITERRANEAN BANK PLC 14.12.2019 (GBP) MB19B 14/12/2019View Fact SheetDecember102.506.89
11,651108.00105.007% GRAND HARBOUR MARINA PLC 2017/20 GH20A 25/02/2020View Fact SheetFebruary/August108.005.19
70,000108.50102.754.8% BANK OF VALLETTA PLC 15.03.2020 BV20A 15/03/2020View Fact SheetMarch/September105.953.53
24,656107.54105.506.8% PREMIER CAPITAL PLC 2017/20 PC20A 15/03/2020View Fact SheetMarch107.505.12
24,832104.10101.006.25% INT. HOTEL INVESTMENTS PLC 2017/20 IH20A 08/04/2020View Fact SheetApril103.005.57
15,000106.53100.005.5% PENDERGARDENS DEV. PLC 31.05.2020 PG20A 31/05/2020View Fact SheetMay106.534.13
14,133105.50102.006.6% EDEN FINANCE PLC 2017/20 EF20A 15/06/2020View Fact SheetJune105.505.41
15,000106.20104.906.0% SIMONDS FARSONS CISK PLC 2017/20 SF20A 15/06/2020View Fact SheetJune106.204.69
25,000107.49105.256.2% TUMAS INVESTMENTS PLC 2017/20 TI20A 09/07/2020View Fact SheetJanuary/July107.494.63
12,000103.0093.006.0% MED. INV. HOLDING PLC 22.06.2021 MI21A 22/06/2021View Fact SheetJune94.007.18
25,000104.47100.654.9% GASAN FINANCE CO. PLC 2019/21 GF21A 30/11/2021View Fact SheetNovember104.264.18
20,000104.50102.005.8% INT. HOTEL INVESTMENTS PLC 21.12.2021 IH21A 21/12/2021View Fact SheetDecember102.505.36
7,500104.00103.506.0% CORINTHIA FINANCE PLC 2019/22 CF22A 29/03/2022View Fact SheetMarch103.535.40
27,000107.50100.006.0% PENDERGARDENS DEV. PLC 31.07.2022 PG22A 31/07/2022View Fact SheetJuly106.005.03
20,000108.00102.756.0% MEDSERV PLC 30.09.2020/23 MS23A 30/09/2023View Fact SheetMarch/September107.004.99
8,500102.02100.005.3% UNITED FINANCE PLC 06.11.2023 UF23A 06/11/2023View Fact SheetNovember102.005.01
10,000105.00101.015.8% INT. HOTEL INVESTMENTS PLC 14.11.2023 IH23A 14/11/2023View Fact SheetNovember102.525.43
40,000108.55100.006.0% AX INVESTMENTS PLC 06.03.2024 AX24A 06/03/2024View Fact SheetMarch108.004.90
35,000107.75100.006.0% IHG HOLDINGS PLC 15.05.2024 IG24A 15/05/2024View Fact SheetMay107.754.94
35,000106.50100.005.3% MARINER FINANCE PLC 03.07.2024 MF24A 03/07/2024View Fact SheetJuly106.504.45
25,000106.50100.005.0% TUMAS INVESTMENTS PLC 31.07.2024 TI24A 31/07/2024View Fact SheetJanuary/July105.504.29
30,000103.95100.005.0% HAL MANN VELLA GROUP PLC 06.11.2024 HM24A 06/11/2024View Fact SheetNovember103.954.49
1,373100.00100.006.0% MEDITERRANEAN BANK PLC 2019/24 MB24B 28/11/2024View Fact SheetNovember100.006.00
14,682100.00100.006.0% MEDITERRANEAN BANK PLC 2019/24 MB24A 28/11/2024View Fact SheetNovember100.006.00
36,000104.30100.005.1% PTL HOLDINGS PLC 04.12.2024 PT24A 04/12/2024View Fact SheetDecember104.304.55
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