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E.P.S (€) 0.013 Shares in issue (000) 30,000
P/E Ratio 23.08 Market Cap. (€000) 9,000
Net Div. Yield (%) 0 Net Dividend (€) 0.000
NAV per Share (€) 0.616 Indicative Div. Date NIL
Price to NAV (times) 0.490 Dividend Cover (times) 0.000
2019 Closing High (€) 0.300 2019 Closing Low (€) 0.216

GlobalCapital plc - Profile

GlobalCapital plc (formerly Globe Financial Services Group plc and previously Globe Financial Management plc) incorporates a holding company, GlobalCapital Holdings Limited and a number of subsidiaries in the business of investment, insurance and property services.

GlobalCapital Financial Management Limited (formerly Globe Financial Management Limited) was formed on 21 December 1995, following the introduction of the Investment Services Act. Between 1987 and 1995, its business was conducted by Globe Financial Investments Limited.

In July 2000 Globe Financial Management Ltd became a public limited company. In the same month, Globe Financial Management plc underwent a private placement of 5 million new ordinary shares with a nominal value of €0.0582 each at an issue price of €0.9317 each. The proceeds of this private placement amounted to €4,658,747 and were intended to finance expansion.

In February 2001, Globe Financial Management plc underwent an initial public offering (IPO), comprising 9.525 million shares of a nominal value of €0.0582 each at an issue price of €0.9783 each.

On 2 November 2001 Globe Financial Management plc announced its intention to merge with the Malta operations of British American Insurance Co. (Mtius) Ltd. British American Insurance Co. had been operating an overseas branch in Malta since 1965 and acquired a majority shareholding in BUPA Agencies Malta Ltd (now GlobalCapital Health Insurance Brokers Ltd) in 1997.

In January 2003, GlobalCapital Holdings Ltd (formerly Globe Holdings Limited) merged its investment services operations with the local life assurance and private health insurance operations of British American Insurance Co. (Mtius) Ltd. The merger followed the localisation by British American of its Maltese life assurance business through the formation of British American Insurance Co. (Malta) Ltd.

In February 2006, GlobalCapital plc (formerly Global Financial Services Group plc) opened a representative office in Libya after having obtained a license from the Libyan General People’s Committee for Economy and Trade. The office is intended to promote the Company in Libya and facilitate business cooperation in the North African region. However, the Company will not carry out any trading activity from its Representative Office in Libya. The opening of such an office also forms part of the Company’s strategy to identify and evaluate new business opportunities overseas.

On 10 May 2006, GlobalCapital plc published a Prospectus in respect of the offering of €10 million 5.6% Bonds due 2 June 2016. The Bonds are subject to early redemption at the option of the Issuer on 2 June 2014 and 2 June 2015. The bond issue was fully subscribed and the Group exercised its over-allotment option bringing the issue to a size of €17 million.


  • GlobalCapital Financial Management Ltd (100%) – previously Globe Financial Management Limited: licensed by the MFSA to carry on investment services business. The company offers clients access to equities, bonds, funds and other financial instruments on both local and international markets. It also provides tailor made income and capital guaranteed investments products, pension planning services and corporate guidance. The company is the exclusive agent in Malta of Aberdeen Funds.
  • GlobalCapital Life Insurance Ltd (100%) – previously British American Insurance Co. (Malta) Ltd: In January 2003, the company took over the Maltese insurance portfolio of British American Co (Mtus) Ltd’s Maltese, which previously operated in Malta through its branch office since the early 1960’s. GlobalCapital Life Insurance Ltd is engaged in ordinary and industrial life insurance business and has two subsidiaries:
  • GlobalCapital Health Insurance Agency Ltd (100%) – previously BUPA Agencies Ltd: Exclusive agent in Malta of BUPA Insurance Ltd (UK) and is entrusted with the promotion of the BUPA Insurance Ltd (UK) business, namely the administration and provision of health insurance cover to individuals and companies registered in Malta.
  • GlobalCapital Insurance Brokers Ltd (100%) – previously My Insurance Brokers Limited: Through this company clients are offered a complete range of insurance services varying from personal insurance to large industrial insurance.
  • Cental Landmark Development Ltd (100%): provides real estate services to third parties, including advice to clients on a wide range of residential and commercial properties, complementing the Group’s property division. The company also wholly owns the following subsidiaries:
  • Brammer Ltd (100%)
  • Global Estates Ltd (100%)
  • Global Properties Ltd (100%)
  • Quadrant Italian s.r.l. (100%)


Share Capital

On 6 March 2001, Global Capital plc (formerly Globe Financial Management plc) was admitted to the Official List on the Malta Stock Exchange. The Company listed 35 million ordinary shares of a nominal value of €0.0582 per share.

On 24 May 2002, Globe Financial Management plc convened an extraordinary general meeting, during which the name of the Company was changed to Global Financial Services Group plc (now GlobalCapital plc) and the authorised share capital of the company was increased from 50 million ordinary shares of a nominal value of €0.0582 each to 150 million ordinary shares of €0.0582 each.

In August 2003, the Company made a reverse share split of 1 share for every 5 shares previously held, in effect changing the nominal value of the equity from €0.0582 to €0.291172 and reducing the issued share capital to 13,207,548 shares.

On 8 March 2016, GlobalCapital plc launched a rights issue of 16,792,452 new shares to existing shareholders on the basis of 1.27 new shares for every 1 share held at a price of €0.291172 per share. In total, 16,792,452 fully paid up ordinary shares of €0.291172 each were issued thereby increasing the share capital of GlobalCapital plc to 30 million fully paid up ordinary shares of €0.291172 each. The new shares were listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange with effect from 11 April 2016.


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Sector: Financial Services
ISIN: MT0000170101
Shares in Issue: 30,000,000
Nominal Value: €0.2912
Trading Symbol: GCL
Listing: Official List
Main Subsidiaires:
  • GlobalCapital Life Insurance Ltd (100%)
  • GlobalCapital Insurance Brokers Ltd (100%)
  • GlobalCapital Financial Management Ltd (100%)
  • Central Landmark Development Ltd (100%)
Top Shareholders:
  • Investar plc (52.60%)
  • BAI Co. (Mtius) Ltd (21.33%)
  • Christopher J. Pace (5.04%)
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