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Closing Price (€) 0.600 Change (€) 0.000
TWAP (€) 0.000 No. of Trades 0
Day's High (€) 0.000 Change (%) 0%
Day's Low (€) 0.000 Turnover (shares) 0
E.P.S (€) 0.054 Shares in issue (000) 214,160
P/E Ratio 11.11 Market Cap. (€000) 128,496
Net Div. Yield (%) 1.33 Net Dividend (€) 0.008
NAV per Share (€) 0.455 Indicative Div. Date July
Price to NAV (times) 1.320 Dividend Cover (times) 6.791
2019 Closing High (€) 0.670 2019 Closing Low (€) 0.590

MIDI plc - Profile

MIDI p.l.c. is in the business of development, disposal and retention of property on two sites in Malta – Tigné Point and Manoel Island – through a 99-year deed of emphyteusis from the Government of Malta effective June 2000.

Tigné Point

Tigné Point is a residential, commercial and leisure development located in Sliema. The development comprises of residential units complemented by office facilities, a shopping mall, parking facilities and Pjazza Tigné which also includes commercial and leisure outlets. The project places a strong emphasis on the restoration of historic sites including Fort Tigné, St. Luke’s Garrison Chapel, army barracks and the clock tower. All traffic is routed underground, providing a car-free zone at ground floor level and extensive green areas and public spaces. These attributes make it a unique development for Malta in many respects.

Manoel Island

The eventual development of Manoel Island, located in close proximity to Tigné Point, will be centred around the construction of a marina village. In this respect, on 2 November 2017 MIDI announced that a revised Masterplan for the restoration and redevelopment of Manoel Island was submitted to the Planning Authority for its consideration and to the Environmental and Resources Authority for an environmental impact assessment evaluation. The revised masterplan takes into consideration the feedback that MIDI received from various stakeholders.


  • Tigné Point Marketing Limited (TPML) – TPML handles all marketing (including advertising and PR campaigns) and sales activities of the Company. It represents the Company’s main point of contact with customers. TPML was set up in order for the Company to have its own specialised selling and marketing team.
  • Tigné Contracting Limited (TCL) – this company serves as the turnkey company through which almost all construction and related costs except for selling and marketing are accounted for. Most contracts with contractors are signed by TCL.
  • Solutions & Infrastructure Services Limited (SIS) – The business carried out by SIS ranges from the provision of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) services including telephony, internet and colocation, the provision of Business Technologies (BT) such as access control, HVAC and management of the public car park at Tigne Point.
  • T14 Investments Limited (T14) – T14 has a 50% shareholding interest in Mid Knight Holdings Limited which in turn owns “The Centre” office block.

Share Capital

Prior to the Share Issue in December 2010, MIDI plc had an authorised share capital of €90 million divided into 450,000,000 Ordinary Shares having a nominal value of €0.20 each and an issued share capital of €29,358,000 divided into 146,790,000 Ordinary Shares having a nominal value of €0.20 each.

Following the Issue of 67,369,922 new Ordinary Shares as part of the share issue, MIDI’s issued share capital increased to €42,831,984 divided into 214,159,922 Ordinary Shares of a nominal value of €0.20 each.

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Sector: Property
ISIN: MT0000420126
Shares in Issue: 214,159,922
Nominal Value: €0.20
Trading Symbol: MDI
Listing: Official List
Main Subsidiaires:
  • Tigne' Contracting Ltd (100%)
  • Tigne' Point Marketing Ltd (99%)
  • T14 Investments Limited (100%)
  • Solutions & Infrastructure Services Ltd (100%)
Top Shareholders:
  • Alf. Mizzi & Sons Ltd. (17.4%)
  • MSV Life plc (12.55%)
  • Gasan Enterprises Ltd (11.09%)
  • Mr. Mark Andrew Weingard (8.91%)
  • Finco Treasury Management Ltd (5.42%)
  • Rizzo, Farrugia & Co. (Stockbrokers) Ltd (5.29%)
  • Vassallo Builders Ltd (4.99%)
Website: www.midimalta.com
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