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Closing Price (€) 1.640 Change (€) 0.000
TWAP (€) 0.000 No. of Trades 0
Day's High (€) 0.000 Change (%) 0%
Day's Low (€) 0.000 Turnover (shares) 0
E.P.S (€) 0.071 Shares in issue (000) 108,000
P/E Ratio 23.1 Market Cap. (€000) 177,120
Net Div. Yield (%) 2.38 Net Dividend (€) 0.039
NAV per Share (€) 0.313 Indicative Div. Date September/December
Price to NAV (times) 5.240 Dividend Cover (times) 1.799
2019 Closing High (€) 1.670 2019 Closing Low (€) 1.310

PG plc - Profile

PG plc was registered as a public limited liability company on 25 November 2016. It is a holding company with various subsidiaries involved in the operation of the PAVI Shopping Complex and PAMA Shopping Village as well as the local franchisee for Zara® and Zara Home®.

  • PAVI Shopping Complex

The Pavi Shopping Complex, which is owned by the Group under title of absolute ownership and as freehold, commenced operations in November 2006. The supermarket within the Pavi Shopping Complex covers a sales area of 5,000 sqm offering a wide range of food, household goods and other ancillary products. To support its food retail operations, the supermarket has an extensive adjoining warehouse facility including ancillary stores and cold rooms on two floors, together with a goods receiving area complete with large walk-in cold rooms. In addition, administrative offices and other staff facilities cover an area of 450 sqm.

The Pavi Shopping Complex also includes 2,098 sqm of commercial and retail space dedicated to outlets designed to offer a mix of complementary retail and commercial facilities.

The Pavi Shopping Complex’s intermediate floor comprises an internal covered car park, with further car parking spaces situated on the complex’s roof. In total, these areas can accommodate approximately 500 car park spaces. Parking facilities are provided to patrons free of charge.

  • PAMA Shopping Village

The Pama Shopping Village opened in late October 2015, when the supermarket and the adjoining strip of catering and other outlets commenced operations. The retail mall within the same complex was opened in November 2016.

The supermarket within the village covers an area of 4,800 sqm finished to high standards and offering a wide range of food, household goods and other ancillary products. The supermarket is supported by adjoining warehouse facilities, together with a goods-receiving area, collectively covering an area of 1,500 sqm. In addition, administrative offices and other staff facilities cover an area of 700 sqm.

Furthermore, the village comprises 2,900 sqm of catering, commercial and retail space that lies adjacent to the supermarket and a separate retail mall comprising 3,330 sqm of commercial space.

Key amenities at the Pama Shopping Village include a car park spread over two floors and comprising 1,200 parking spaces. Parking facilities are provided to patrons free of charge.

  • Pruna Trading Limited

Pruna Trading Limited, which commenced operations in financial year 2015, is responsible for procuring supplies to the two supermarkets. In this respect, the Group entered into a supply arrangement with Punto Franchising s.r.l., which operates the Sma-Auchan chain in Italy, for the supply of a wide variety of Sma-Auchan products to Malta. Sma-Auchan forms part of Groupe Auchan which is a major international food retailing business with interests across the hypermarket, supermarket, real estate and banking sectors. Sma-Auchan offers a range of low cost products with a strong focus on product selection and verification criteria as well as quality.

  • Franchise Operations

The Zara® and Zara Home® brands belong to the Spanish firm Industria de Diseño Textil, S.A. (better known as Inditex S.A.), which is one of the world’s largest clothes retailers.

The origins of the Group’s franchise operations in Malta date back to 2001 and the Zara® and Zara Home® stores in Malta are owned and managed by the Group. The Sliema outlet, hosting Zara® and Zara Home® is situated in what is possibly Malta’s prime retail location, attracting a high footfall. The outlet houses 2,120 sqm of retail space spread over two floors, supported by office and storage spaces. A second Zara Home® outlet was opened within the Pama Shopping Village retail mall in November 2016. This second store measures 880 sqm exhibiting a substantial range of products across this brand.

As the Zara® range expands, Inditex is favouring the opening of larger stores that permit the stocking and display of a wider selection of products than is possible within the existing Alhambra outlet in Sliema. In this respect, an agreement has been reached between the Group and Inditex for the expansion of the Sliema outlet through the construction of five additional levels on the back of the building, which is currently constructed up to two floors. This will increase the retail space within the building to 4,400 sqm, excluding supporting staff and storage areas, making it one of the largest Zara® department stores in Europe. The enlarged outlet will also include one floor dedicated completely to Zara Home®. The extension is expected to be completed by summer 2018.

Share Capital

PG plc has an issued share capital of 108,000,000 shares which were listed on the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange on Wednesday 3 May 2017 pursuant to a Prospectus dated 27 March 2017. The Prospectus was issued in connection with an offer for sale of shares by Mr Paul Gauci who sold 25% of his shareholding (equivalent to 27,000,000 shares) but remained the majority shareholder with a 74.99% shareholding. Subsequently, trading in PG plc shares commenced on Thursday 4 May 2017.

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Sector: Retail
ISIN: MT0001410100
Shares in Issue: 108,000,000
Nominal Value: €0.25
Trading Symbol: PG
Listing: Official List
Main Subsidiaires:
  • PAVI Shopping Complex Limited (100%)
  • PAMA Supermarket Limited (100%)
  • PAMA Rentals Limited (100%)
  • Alhambra Investments Limited (100%)
  • Pruna Trading Limited (100%)
  • PAMA Shopping Village Limited (49%)
Top Shareholders:
  • Mr Paul Gauci (74.99%)
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