Local equity trading activity declines

Trading activity on the equity market during the past two days declined when compared to the higher volumes registered in previous days. Today the MSE Share Index edged 0.2% higher to 3,103.426 points on the back of a 1.3% recovery in International Hotel Investments plc’s equity to €0.80 level on volumes of 7,632 shares. Further bids remain unsatisfied at this level with lowest offers of 10,000 shares at the recent price of €0.815.

Meanwhile Bank of Valletta plc eased another 0.2% lower to close at the €2.45 level across seventeen trades totalling almost 30,000 shares. Next Friday 28 October, BOV will be publishing its preliminary results for the financial year ended 30 September and the final proposed dividend is also expected to be recommended for approval by shareholders at the Annual General Meeting.

All other active equities closed unchanged including HSBC Bank Malta plc which maintained the €2.66 level.

The equity of Malta International Airport plc had a muted reaction to yesterday’s surprise announcement as a further 3,900 shares traded at the €1.70 level with no further shares being offered in the market at this level. The airport operator yesterday announced that it is raising its 2011 passenger growth forecast from 3.2% to at least 4.5% following the arrival of the 3 millionth passenger for 2011.