HSBC Malta Govt Bond Fund (Income)

General Information

Fund Type: Open-ended
Domicile of Fund: Malta
Launch Date: 14 December 1998
Launch Price: €233 per share
Base Currency: EUR
Manager: HSBC Fund Management Ltd., Malta
Dealing Days: Daily
Year End: 30 April
Min. Initial Investment: €1,000 (Accumulator Shares)€4,500 (Income Shares)
Regular Savings Facility: Minimum of €90 per month
Min. Addit. Investment: NONE
Up Front Charge: NONE
Dividends: In the Accumulator Shares, there are no dividend payments and income is accumulated within the Fund. In the Income Shares, dividends are distributed every 3 months.
Exit Fee: NONE
Annual Management Fee: 0.9%
Date of AGM: August

Investment Objective

The Malta Government Bond Fund aims to achieve a reasonable return in the form of capital gains, which return will result from the accumulated income, realised and unrealised capital gains, achieved by investing in a diversified portfolio of interest-earning assets. A maximum of 10% of the total assets of the fund may also be invested in non-Maltese assets.

Spread of Investments (as at 30 Apr 2010)

Malta Government Stocks: 80.68%
Treasury Bills: 2.74%
Foreign Government Stocks: 14.43%
Cash: 2.15%

Top 3 Holdings (as at 30 Apr 2010)

Security: % of Total Assets
5.7% MGS 2012 (III): 12.56
5.1% MGS 2014 (III): 11.32
5.9%MGS 2015 (II): 10.31