Vilhena Malta Fund (Dist)

General Information

Fund Type: Open-ended
Domicile of Fund: Malta
Launch Date: 22 October 1997
Launch Price: €233 per share
Base Currency: EUR
Manager: Valletta Fund Management Ltd., Malta
Dealing Days: Daily
Year End: 30 June
Min. Initial Investment: €2,500 (both for Accumulator Class & Distributor Class)
Regular Savings Facility: €50 per month (for Accumulator Class only)
Min. Addit. Investment: NONE
Up Front Charge: 1%
Dividends: In the Accumulator Shares, there are no dividend payments and income is accumulated within the Fund. In the Income Shares, dividends are distributed annually as at the end of June, payable by end of August.
Exit Fee: 0 to 3 years = 0.75%; 3 to 5 years = 0.50%; 5 to 7 years = 0.25%; +7 years = NIL
Annual Management Fee: 0.65%
Date of AGM: October

Investment Objective

The Vilhena Malta Fund aims to maximize the level of total return to investors, minimising the volatility of the portfolio whilst having regard to attaining a desirable level of liquidity through investment, principally, in Maltese debt securities and in Maltese equity securities.

Spread of Investments (as at 30 June 2010)

Malta Government Stocks: 43.65%
Equities: 21.39%
Local CIS: 19.72%
Corporate Bonds: 13.22%
Cash: 2.02%

Top 3 Holdings (as at 30 June 2010)

Security: % of Total Assets
La Vallette Malta Fund: 19.72
7.80% MGS 2013: 6.29
7.80% MGS 2018: 6.18