- New Malta Government Stock Issues

In a notice sent to members of the Malta Stock Exchange today it was announced that the Treasury made available details of the next Malta Government Stock issues for a total of Lm50 million split up into three different stocks. The only option for the general public is the MGS of Lm20 million at a rate of 5.1% per annum redeemable in 2022.

Moreover institutional investors also have two other options available: Lm13 million in the 5.4% MGS 2010 (IV) at a minimum bid price of Lm104.50 for every Lm100 nominal (last trade price on the market of Lm105.35) and Lm17 million in the 5.1% MGS 2014 (III) at a minimum bid price of Lm103.25 for every Lm100 nominal (last trade price of Lm104). Trading in these two stocks on the secondary market has, until further notice by the Malta Stock Exchange, been suspended as from next Monday’s session. Subscriptions for these stocks open on Friday 6 August and close on Tuesday 10 August.

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