Mediterranean Investments Holding plc - Allotment Policy

On 28 November Mediterranean Investments Holding plc published the allotment policy following the recent Malta Lira and euro bond subscriptions.

The Board of Directors confirmed that there was an overwhelming demand and adopted an allocation policy favouring the small applications. A total of Lm4,932,400 and €3,510,600 have been accepted.

Those applications for a minimum of Lm2,500 or €5,800 have been accepted in full.

Meanwhile, the applications for a value in excess of Lm2,500 or €5,800 will be accepted as follows:
• The first Lm2,500 or €5,800 in full
• The next Lm2,500 or €5,800 at 40%
• The remaining balance at 24.17%

The Directors also announced that interest on the bonds will commence as from 28 November 2007. Refunds of those applications not accepted in full will be paid by 5 December 2007.

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