Loqus Holdings plc - Conclusion of Preliminary Agreement

Datatrak Holdings plc announced on 23 October 2007 that its 50% owned subsidiary Datatrak Solutions Ltd (DSol) has just concluded discussions with ACI Informatica, a subsidiary of the Italian company ACI (Automobile Club Italia) and Dylog, an Italian Systems Integrator (and owner of the renowned Buffetti retail network across Italy), to establish a joint venture in Italy selling DSol’s advanced mobility solutions.

A preliminary agreement has just been reached between the three parties whereby it is planned that a joint venture IT company, established in Italy and operative in the Italian territory will sell TrakIT, DispatchIT, RouteIT and all the other DSol solutions. DSol will hold 51% of the share capital, whilst ACI Informatica and Dylog, under their existing joint venture company, SIPNET, will hold the remaining 49%.

SipNet is a company set up by ACI Informatica, a fully owned subsidiary of ACI Group (Automobile Club d’Italia) and Dylog.

ACI Informatica, one of the Italian pioneers in IT, was set up in 1960, with the objective of supplying the ACI Group with their ICT requirements and its one million subscribers. ACI Informatica’s experience primarily stems out from large projects for the Italian Public Sector, whilst it manages a dedicated fibre optic network spanning across 1,500 sites all over Italy.

Dylog is a systems integration company with offices in Italy (Turin, Milan, Parma and Castelfranco), France, Principality of Monaco, and India. Dylog employs 300 IT professionals and has more than 50.000 applications installed. Dylog also owns the renowned Buffetti office which supplies retail network which it acquired in 2005 from Telecom Italia Media. The 900 Buffetti retail stores across Italy also offer business services to SMEs including off-the-shelf software services and solutions.

Further details on the joint venture company will be announced once the joint venture company is established and registered.

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