GO plc - Extraordinary General Meeting

Maltacom announced on 4 October that it will be convening an Extraordinary General Meeting for Friday 16 November 2007. Those shareholders as at close of trading on 12 October will receive notice of the Extraordinary General Meeting together with a Circular explaining the resolutions to be put forward for consideration.

The resolutions are:

1. Approve that Clause 1 of the Memorandum of Association, which reads: ‘The name of the Company shall be Maltacom p.l.c.’, be and is hereby amended with immediate effect to read: ‘The name of the Company shall be GO p.l.c.’

2. Approve that Clause 55.2 of the Articles of Association which reads: ‘The Worker Director shall be appointed by the other Directors on the advice of the Employees of the Company after an election is held from amongst the Employees of the Company. No employee of the Company, other than the Worker Director, shall be eligible for appointment as a Director. The Directors may from time to time make such rules and regulations to provide for the conduct and proper administration of elections amongst the employees.’, be and is hereby deleted in its entirety with effect from 1st January 2008.

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