Loqus Holdings plc - Interim Directors’ Statement

Datatrak Holdings plc issued its Interim Directors’ Statement on 4 December. The Directors noted that as anticipated in the Company’s half-yearly statement announced on 27 August 2007, Datatrak Holdings plc, through its subsidiary, Datatrak Solutions Ltd registered further progress in its market penetration efforts in the Italian market. Apart from signing up a further two sales channel partners for the Italian Territory, namely Tudor Srl and Teleclient Srl, the Company also signed a preliminary agreement for the setting up of a joint venture company, to be registered in Italy and covering the whole spectrum of the Italian market. More importantly, Datatrak Solutions Ltd also registered its first client in Italy, Bari-based ACS, who acquired 25 DispatchIT licences. Moreover, further agreements are approaching the contracts stage with live trials of DispatchIT and RouteIT.

In the UK, Datatrak Solutions Ltd continued steady progress with implementation efforts at GeoPost UK, while the first phase of the implementation of DispatchIT at Euro Car Parts Ltd has been completed with success, thus moving on to the second and final phase which will see 450 mobile devices running DispatchIT. Meanwhile the upgrading of Datatrak On-line will enable Omnibridge UK to migrate further clients on to DOL and augmenting the install base to 12,500 vehicles. Moreover, Omnibridge UK and Datatrak Solutions Ltd initiated talks for the nationwide marketing of DispatchIT through Omnibridge UK’s sales force.

The Group’s Maltese tracking operator, Datatrak Systems Ltd, marginally incremented its total vehicle tracked population and introduced its new GPS/GPRS tracking locator in the Maltese market.

The Directors also explained that notwithstanding the cautionary statement issued in the half-yearly report, between August and November 2007, Datatrak MENA Ltd continued talks in Nigeria with Datatrak Nigeria Ltd and Nigerian financial institutions with a view of reaching an agreement on the terms for the financing facility for the implementation of two LF networks in Abuja and Lagos. Currently, a technical pilot exercise using Datatrak’s new GPS/GPRS tracking locator is running in Tripoli, Libya, in order to assess the technical and commercial viability of selling tracking solutions in Libya. However, the pilot is still in its kick-off stages and thus it is still too early to determine whether such a market will be tackled in 2008.

The Directors concluded that the overall operational performance of the Group for 2007 remains on the forecasted targets which were announced in the half-yearly report issued on 27 August 2007.

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