MaltaPost plc - Allocation Policy

The Government of Malta announced on 18 January that it received over 2,900 applications for a total of 37,719,400 shares during the MaltaPost plc General Public Offering. Excluding the preplacement of 5,040,000 shares, a balance of 6,160,000 shares were available for subscription by the General Public. The General Public Offering was 6.12 times oversubscribed. The Government of Malta announced that in order to ensure the widest distribution of shares possible, it will accept in full all applications up to and including 2,000 shares. Meanwhile, those applications above 2,000 shares will be allotted the first 2,000 shares in full and a fractional percentage of the balance. This percentage is expedcted to be communicated early next week. In terms of the Prospectus, refunds of unsuccessful applications are expected to be made by direct credit on Thursday 24 January. On the same day MaltaPost’s total share capital amounting to 28,000,000 shares will be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange with trading expected to commence the following day.

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