GO plc - Change in Share Capital in Forthnet S.A.

GO plc announced on 12 August that following the Forthnet rights issue, Forgendo (jointly controlled by GO and Emirates International Telecommunications Malta Ltd) now holds a total of 52,674,013 shares in Forthnet representing 33.89% of the total issued share capital of the Greek broadband operator.

Prior to the rights issue, Forgendo held 25.6% of the issued share capital and had agreed to underwrite the total rights issue amounting to €300 million (made up of 116,573,493 new shares at a price of €2.57 per share).

Forthnet announced that 88.6% of the shares (equivalent to 103,270,707 shares) were allotted to shareholders. Total demand for the remaining 13,302,786 shares amounted to 89,963,521 shares, representing an over-subscription of 6.67 times.

Forgendo acquired a total of 42,709,866 new shares in Forthnet at a total additional investment of €109,764,356. Forgendo purchased 29,892,441 shares during the rights issue subscription and the balance of 12,817,425 new shares during the over-subscription.

GO announced that its additional investment in the Forthnet rights issue amounted to €54,882,178. In total GO invested just over €106 million in its strategic shareholding in Forthnet.

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