Loqus Holdings plc - Establishment of Datatrak Italia Srl

Datatrak Holdings plc announced on 7 January that its 50% owned subsidiary, Datatrak Solutions Ltd, registered a company in Italy and concluded a joint venture agreement with Teleclient System Integrator Spa (TSI). The new company, Datatrak Italia Srl was registered on 19 December 2007. Meanwhile on 29 December Datatrak Solutions Ltd and TSI finalised a joint venture agreement which saw TSI acquire 45% of the share capital in Datatrak Italia Srl. Pursuant to this agreement, Datatrak Italia Srl will be exclusively marketing Datatrak Solutions Ltd’s packaged solutions, namely TrakIT, DispatchIT, RouteIT, LES, and VMS in the Italian Territory. TSI is a provider of ICT Technology solutions specialized in design customization, integration and management of Call/Contact Centre, Customer Relationship Management solutions, networking technologies and communication infrastructures. TSI is also a vendor independent System Integration Enterprise employing over 150 resources, with an annual turnover of over EUR10 million, and has offices in Turin, Milan, Arese and Rome.

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