MaltaPost plc - MaltaPost plc – Initial Public Offering

The Government of Malta announced on 8 January 2008 that it will be disposing of the remaining shares held in MaltaPost plc through an Initial Public Offering. A total of 11,200,000 ordinary shares, currently held by the Government of Malta and Malta Government Investments Limited, are being made available for subscription at a price of €0.50 per share.

A preplacement exercise for up to a maximum of 45% of the total share offer (i.e. 5,040,000 shares) will take place on Monday 14 January. The remaining shares and any shares not acquired during the preplacement will be made available during the General Public Offering which opens on Tuesday 15 January and closes on Friday 18 January or earlier in the case of over-subscription. Applications are for a minimum of 2,000 shares (€1,000) and in multiples of 100 shares (€50) thereafter. MaltaPost has submitted an application for its total share capital amounting to 28,000,000 shares to be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange.

For further information on MaltaPost plc and the share offer, investors are requested to consult the Prospectus which is available from our website or by email upon request.

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