FIMBank plc - Allotment Policy

On 29 April, FIMBank announced its allotment policy in respect of its recent €30 million bond issue. The company received over 2,200 applications for the euro and dollar bonds issued with a 7% coupon. FIMBank stated that the first €5,000 or USD5,000 will be met in full whilst it will allot 25% of the next €5,000 or USD5,000 and 5.01% of any balance above €10,000 or USD10,000. The Company also stated that all allotments will be rounded up to the nearest €100 or US$100.

The final allocations will result in the listing of €23.6 million (nom) 7% EUR Bonds 2012-19 and US$8.1 million (nom) 7% FIMBank Bonds 2012-19. On Wednesday 6 May, the Malta Stock Exchange will send registration advices and transfer refunds of any unallocated monies. Meanwhile interest on the Bonds starts to accrue as from Thursday 30 April with trading in both bonds expected to commence on Tuesday 12 May.

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