GO plc - Full-Year Results

The 2008 full-year results of GO plc were published following a Board of Directors meeting held on Friday 20 March 2009. The Directors approved a final net dividend of €0.12 per share to those shareholders as at close of trading on Tuesday 14 April 2009.  The shares will trade ex-dividend as from Wednesday 15 April 2009 whilst the dividend is expected to be paid on Wednesday 20 May 2009.

GO’s turnover amounted to €130.3 million during the year – a 1.2% decrease over 2007 mainly due to the discontinuation of its international call centre business. However, revenue from core activities remained strong and edged high over last year. The Group registered a pre-tax loss of €1.3 million, compared to a pre-tax profit of €27.6 million in December 2007 mainly as a result of various one-off transactions primarily the charge for pensions of €12.9 million and voluntary retirement costs of €2 million. Also, during the year, GO and EIT (Forgendo) jointly acquired a 34.6% shareholding in Forthnet SA which in 2008 registered a net loss of €40.9 million. This resulted in a charge of €15.6 million for the Group. Excluding these one-off charges, GO’s pre-tax profit increased by 16% to €28.8 million.

A review of the Full-Year results is available here.

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