6pm Holdings plc - Full-Year Results

The 2008 full-year results of 6pm Holdings plc were published on Tuesday 28 April 2009. The Board of Directors did not recommend the payment of a final dividend.

During the year ended 31 December 2008, the 6pm Group generated a pre-tax profit of GBP55,842 when compared to a pre-tax profit of GBP275,881 generated during the period from the commencement of operations on 6 July 2007 until the end of that year. The Group’s turnover during 2008 amounted to GBP5.6 million, substantially higher than the revenue of GBP2.9 million in the 7-month comparative period. However the 2008 revenue represents a 5.8% drop over the previous year assuming that 6pm Holdings had acquired its two subsidiaries 6pm Management Consultancy UK Ltd and 6pm Limited at the start of the year and operated as a Group for the full 12 months of 2007

The company announced that during 2008 it acquired immovable property from a related party for a total cost of EUR1.1 million (equivalent to GBP1.07 million at the balance sheet date).

A copy of the Preliminary Profits Announcement can be downloaded from here.

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