Malta International Airport plc - May Traffic Results

On 17 May Malta International Airport plc published the May 2009 traffic results. The statistics show a 16.5% decrease in passenger departures during the month of May to 125,586 passengers (May 2008: 150,446). During the first five months of 2009, passenger departures declined by 11.26%, representing a decrease of 60,972 passengers.

In the Interim Statement the Directors explained that the decline in passenger traffic is expected to persist during the year as the economic crisis impacts the main tourism markets (UK & Germany).  However, to reduce the dependency on passenger numbers, MIA is diversifying its sources of revenues by opening up retail and food & beverage outlets for the non-travelling public. MIA’s major retail contract is with Nuance Group which guarantees a minimum income of €4.25 million per annum to MIA for the next six years.

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