Malta Government Stocks - Results of Malta Government Stock Issue

On 3 April the Treasury announced that a total of 531 applications were received from the General Public for the 3.6% MGS 2013 (IV) Fungible Issue for a value totalling €8.6 million with a further €61.9 million in the form of 16 sealed bids. The Treasury stated that it allotted a total of €63.1 million (nominal). The applications from the General Public for a value up to €100,000 (nominal) were all accepted. Meanwhile €54.5 million was allocated to institutional investors with other tenders of €7.4 million remaining unsatisfied. The highest successful bid was at 102.15% while the cut-off was established at 100%. Trading is expected to commence shortly while trade in the recently issued €59 million 3.6% MGS 2013 (IV) is expected to begin on Monday 6 April.

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