International Hotel Investments plc - Allocation Policy

On 1 April 2010 International Hotel Investments plc announced the allocation policy with respect to its recent €25 million 2017-2020 bond issue.

Maturing 5% IHI 2010 Bondholders

Applications of those bondholders holding the maturing 5% IHI Convertible Bonds 2010 will be met in full together with a rounding up to the nearest thousand. Any excess amount applied for by these applicants will be subject to the same allocation policy applied to preferred applicants as set out below.

Preferred Applicants

Preferred applicants i.e. applications received from investors who already hold investments in IHI, Corinthia and MIH, will be met in full up to the first €20,000. The balance of the application will be scaled down to circa 14.3% with any unallocated balances participating in the allocation policy applicable to the General Public.

General Public

For the General Public, applications will be met in full up to the first €6,500 with the balance of the application being scaled down to circa 12%.

Interest on the 6.25% Bonds will start accruing as from today 1 April 2010. Meanwhile refunds of unallocated monies will be made by not later than Monday 12 April.

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