Eden Finance plc - Allocation Policy

On 9 June, Eden Finance plc announced its allocation policy with respect to the recent bond offering of €15 million 6.6% Bonds maturing between 2017 and 2020. The Company received 1,294 applications for a total value of €15.29 million. Existing Bondholders lodged 528 applications (representing a take up of 67%) for a total value of €7.87 million. Out of the 528 applications, 183 Existing Bondholders also applied for an extra €0.64 million which were carried forward for allocation under the General Public Offer. The Company also received a further 766 applications from the General Public worth €6.78 million.

Given the marginal over-subscription, the Company announced that it will be satisfying applications up to €330,000 in full. Applications of a higher value will be scaled down by 28.65%. These bonds are shortly expected to be admitted to the Official List.

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