Tumas Investments plc - Allocation Policy

On 5 July, Tumas Investments plc announced the allocation policy with respect to the recent bond issue of €20 million 6.2% 2017 – 2020. The Company received 4,436 applications for a total value of just under €43 million. Due to the overwhelming demand, the Issuer exercised the over-allotment option in full to increase the issue by a further €5 million to €25 million.

Preferred applicants submitted 1,109 applications carrying a total value of €12.9 million representing an acceptance rate of circa 80%. These applications will be met in full.

The other 3,327 applications were submitted in the general public offering representing a value of just over €30 million. Due to the strong oversubscription, the first €4,000 will be met in full whilst only 5.312% of the balance (rounded to the nearest hundred) will be accepted.

Interest on the Bonds will commence as from Saturday 10 July with refunds being paid by not later than next Friday 9 July. The Bonds are expected to be admitted to the Official List on Thursday 15 July with trading expected to commence the following day, Friday 16 July.

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