Eden Finance plc - Application for New Bond Issue

On 8 April, Eden Finance plc announced that the Company has submitted an application to the Listing Authority requesting the admissibility to listing of a new €15 million bond issue. The new bonds will be redeemable between 2017 and 2020 and will be guaranteed by the parent company Eden Leisure Group.

The proceeds of the new bond issue will be used to partly finance the redemption of the outstanding €23.3 million 6.7% Bonds which mature on 12 October 2010 and for the general financing requirements of the Eden Leisure Group.

In the announcement, Eden Finance plc stated that it intends to give preference to the existing 6.7% Eden Finance plc 2010 bond holders who indicate their willigness to surrender their existing holding in favour of the new bonds.

A Prospectus with further details will be published in due course once the necessary approvals will be obtained from the Listing Authority.

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