- Change in Capital

On 22 December, Melita Capital plc revealed a two-phase capital restructuring exercise. In the first phase, the entire issued share capital of Melita Capital (apart from one share which is owned by Honey II Group Ltd) was transferred to Superholdco Lux S.a.r.l., a company registered in Luxembourg. Superholdco Lux S.a.r.l. is owned by the shareholders of Melita Capital in the same proportion of their previous holding in Melita Capital as detailed below:

GMT (Honey I) 50.7%
M/C Ventures Partners VI, L.P. 35.0%
Gee Five Limited 12.0%
Grand Canal Capital Limited 2.25

The second phase entailed the transfer of the Melita Capital plc shares from Superholdco Lux S.a.r.l. to its locally registered subsidiary, Superholdco Limited.

Following this two-phase capital restructuring exercise, the shares of Melita Capital plc are now held as follows:

Superholdco Limited 176,399 shares 99.9994%
Honey II Group Limited 1 shares 0.0006%

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