MIDI plc - Company shareholding and commencement of trading

On 15 December MIDI plc announced that following its recent share issue, 67,369,922 new ordinary shares of a nominal value of €0.20 each have been fully paid up and allotted. The company’s total issued share capital now amounts to €42,831,984.40 divided into 214,159,922 ordinary shares of a nominal value of €0.20 each.

MIDI also explained that 35.32% of its total issued share capital is held in public hands.

The number and percentages of ordinary shares not considered to be in public hands are:

Company Shares %
Alf Mizzi & Sons Limited: 30,422,201 14.21
MSV Life plc: 26,871,489 12.55
Fortress Developments Limited: 25,351,833 11.84
Gee Five Limited: 19,412,261 9.06
Bank of Valletta plc: 19,075,402 8.91
Zachary Estates Limited*: 6,784,500 3.17
Gasan Investments Limited *: 4,329,200 2.02
Finco Treasury Management Ltd*: 3,791,900 1.77
First Gemini plc: 2,012,050 0.94
M.A.L Services Ltd*: 448,800 0.21

The shareholders marked with an asterisk (*) are persons connected to directors who subscribed and were allotted their shares following its approval during the Extraordinary General Meeting held on 2 December 2010.

MIDI explained that Finco Treasury Management Ltd acquired its MIDI shares whilst acting in its ordinary course of business as an investment services license holder for the benefit of third party beneficial owners, expect for 0.10% which personally belongs to Mr Paul Bonello.

MIDI’s ordinary shares will be admitted to the Official List of the Malta Stock Exchange next Monday 20 December with trading expected to commence the following day.

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