6pm Holdings plc - Full-Year Results

On 20 April, 6pm Holdings plc published its 2009 full-year results. The Preliminary Profit Statement shows an improved level of profitability to GBP150,265  pre-tax compared to the pre-tax profit of GBP55,842 recorded in the previous year. This improvement materialised as the reduction in the Group’s cost base outweighed the 4.2% drop in revenue to GBP5.4 million. However due to a lower tax credit the profit for the year declined to GBP213,132 (2008: GBP583,212).

The Directors did not recommend the payment of a dividend. However in 2008 a net interim dividend of GBP0.013 per share was distributed to shareholders.

Download a copy of 6pm Holdings plc 2009 Preliminary Profit Statement.

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