Malta International Airport plc - May 2010 – Traffic Statistics

On 3 June Malta International Airport plc published the May 2010 traffic statistics. The statistics show a 19.3% rise in passenger departures during the month of May to 149,784 passengers (May 2009: 125,585). The airport operator explained that despite the volcanic ash disruptions, MIA reported an outstanding 19.3% increase in passenger movements during May 2010 when compared to May 2009. Despite the decline in passenger movements during April when 336 flights were canceled due to the Volcanic ash, the first five months of 2010 registered an increase of 7.7% over 2009 mainly due to the increased capacity of seats and accessibility enhanced by the additional routes serviced by Ryanair. Passenger traffic from Italy and Spain increased by 23.7% and 87.5% respectively. MIA’s forecast for 2010 is a 6% increase in passengers.

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