Malta International Airport plc - 2010 Traffic Results

On 19 January 2011, Malta International Airport plc published the December 2010 traffic results and the 2010 full-year statistics.  During the month of December, MIA registered an increase of 10.6% in passenger movements to a record level of 174,630 as seat capacity rose by 10.9%.

The airport operator registered eight consecutive months of double digit growth in passenger movements. This helped MIA register a 12.8% increase in passengers during 2010 to a record figure of 3.29 million passengers mainly due to the 10.6% increase in seat capacity following the introduction of new routes by various airlines. This growth substantially exceeds the Company’s forecast of +8%.

The United Kingdom remains the largest market as it accounted for over 31% of all the passengers passed through MIA in 2010 followed by Italy (19.5%) and Germany (12.8%).

MIA announced that it will be providing further details on the 2010 passenger statistics in the coming days.

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