Bank of Valletta plc - Allocation Policy

On 30 August, Bank of Valletta plc announced the allocation policy with respect to its recent offering of €20 million 4.8% Notes 2018 – the first Series/ Second Tranche under the Debt Issuance Programme of €125,000,000 (or its equivalent in any other currency).

The Bank explained that €15,345,000 (nominal) of Tranche 2 Notes were reserved for those investors who had not received full allotment for their application in the First Series / First Tranche Notes. BOV stated that it received a total of €12,700,000 from 83 applicants which will be allotted in full.

Moreover, the Bank also reserved a further €4,655,000 (nominal) of Tranche 2 Notes for credit institutions and insurance companies. BOV received 2 applications for a total of €2,700,000 which will also be allotted in full.

Therefore a total of €15,400,000 (nominal) of this fungible issue have been allotted to investors.

Interest on the 4.8% Bonds started to accrue as from Monday 29 August 2011. The €15,400,000 Notes will be merged with the €40,000,000 first tranche notes which were listed last week.

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