Malta International Airport plc - March Traffic Statistics

On 12 April, Malta International Airport plc published the March 2011 traffic results. The statistics reveal an increase of 16.4% in passenger movements to 240,360 during March mainly due to a record seat capacity which reached 340,975 seats – an 18.6% increase over the same month in 2010. This is the highest level of passenger movements ever registered during the month of March.

The March traffic figure includes an amount of 7,465 movements generated from the Libyan-related evacuation flights. Therefore, excluding these one-off movements, the normalised growth rate for the month of March is 12.8%. MIA noted that passenger movements by means of military and private aircraft had no impact on the results as this traffic is excluded from official figures.

The airport operator explained that the Spanish, French and Italian markets once again grew significantly during March by 56.3%, 49.4% and 14.4% respectively. The UK also grew but by a more modest 3.2% whilst the German market suffered a decrease of 3.6%.

Last year, MIA registered a 12.8% increase in passenger movements to a new record of 3.29 million passenger movements and expects to maintain this record level during 2011. During the first quarter of 2011, passenger movements increased by 16.5%.

Download a copy of the MIA March 2011 Traffic Results