Malta International Airport plc - May Traffic Results

On 8 June, Malta International Airport plc published the May 2011 traffic results. The statistics reveal an increase of 5.8% in passenger movements to 325,000 during May on the back of a rise in the seat load factor to 73.1% from 67.2% in the same month last year. This increase offset the 4.7% drop in aircraft movements to 2,682 during the month under review which in turn lowere decreased the seat capacity by 1.8%. Although this is the first month in 2011 to register a single digit growth figure (in contrast to double digit growth in the first four months), one has to consider the increased seat capacity registered in May 2010 which led to a 19.3% increase in passenger movements during May last year.

MIA reported that the UK, German and French markets grew at a steady pace in May 2011, by 5.5%, 21.3% and 7% respectively. On the other hand, the Italian and Spanish markets suffered a decrease of 12% and 4% respectively.

MIA stated that during the first five months of the year passenger movements climbed by 15.3% with aircraft movements registering an increase of 8.1% over the same period last year. The seat capacity increased by 10.5%.

During 2010, MIA registered a 12.8% increase in passenger movements to a new record of 3.29 million passenger movements and the company expects to maintain this record level during 2011. This forecast will be revised in July

Download a copy of the MIA May 2011 Traffic Results.