Malta International Airport plc - 2011 traffic results and forecast for 2012

On 27 January, Malta International Airport plc held a press conference providing further details on the 2011 traffic results and to provide a forecast of passenger movements for 2012. MIA’s recently appointed CEO Mr Markus Klaushofer explained that passenger volumes in 2011 were at an all-time record, an increase of 6.5% to just over 3.5 million passenger movements. This was due to the 5.2 percentage point increase in the seat load factor from 70.8% in 2010 to 76% in 2011. Meanwhile, aircraft movements decreased by 3.2% during 2011 to just over 28,000 movements. Mr Klaushofer stated that Air Malta remained the largest carrier in Malta as it accounted for 47.9% of traffic despite the marginal decline in passengers carried by the national airline. The low-cost carriers Ryanair and Easyjet registered increased passenger movements of 16.5% and 12.6% respectively. These two low cost airlines now account for 32.1% for all traffic compared to 29.7% in 2010. Mr Klaushofer also stated that MIA’s main markets for 2011 were the UK (31% of market share), Italy (17.6%) and Germany (14.8%).

MIA is forecasting that passenger numbers for 2012 will be 2.8% lower than those registered in 2011 but still be 3% above the previous record achieved in 2010. The CEO explained that the Company is cautious on the outcome of 2012 given the prevailing economic challenges. In fact, the 2012 forecast is based on the assumption that the on-going European economic crisis will adversely impact demand for travel particularly from the main markets of UK, Italy, Germany, France and Spain. As a result, MIA is forecasting a decrease during the first three months of the year whilst envisaging a consolidation of last year’s results during the peak summer months. The forecast also takes into consideration a new route by Air France to Toulouse as from April and Ryanair’s seven new routes starting from May. Moreover, MIA also factored in the reduced number of calls (from 28 to 22) that are expected to be made this summer related to the Cruise & Fly operation.

Mr Klaushofer also revealed a number of events to mark the 20th Anniversary of the airport terminal which will culminate with the inauguration of the SkyParks Business Centre in summer.

The full presentation made by MIA is available for download.